How to use chroma key in Kinemaster

Avengers-Endgame! at the very last scene of this movie you can see amazing scenery or backgrounds that were created by the blue-green technique. This is called Chroma Key.

Green screen, blue screen, or Chroma key effects of video editing is very popular in filmmaking. Nowadays, it is not only used in big sci-fi movies but also in youtube videos, Instagram Reels, and Business Ads.

Film-makers use big, costly, and complex software for Chroma Key. But, n this article I am going to tell you about a very easy handset video-edit Kinemaster that can perform the Chroma Key technique.

Hold and tight on this post, I am going to tell you about Chroma Key in Kinemaster and How to use it n your Android phone and make your first Chroma Key video.

What is Chroma Key?

Chroma Key is a video editing technique. In this, you can remove a specific colour from an image. This colour can be any solid colour. But mainly blue screen or green screen is in use.

In video editing is also known as the Chroma key effect. Chroma Key effects s not only used by screens but also putting blue-green screen colour on humans that is called CGI.

How to use Chroma key in Kineaster?

Chroma Key from

In these few paragraphs, I will explain the steps for using Chroma Key in Kinemaster Application. Let us get started.

in my shot, I have a background scene on my primary media track, and this footage of an animation f a green screen on the screen.

When the two are composited together, it looks like animation is standing n the background scene. It s important to note that this feature requires video layers which are only available n supported devices that are powerful enough to use this feature.

Project Setting

First I will add my background on my primary media tracks. Since I plan to use a still image of my background, I am going to go to Project Settings, tap Editing, and choose Fill Screen for my default photo cropping setting.

This will prevent the image from Manning and zooming on the screen which would look unnatural for my background.


Then I will take Media, and I’m going to choose my Background Image. Here I am using an aeroplane background image.

Now, I will jump on the beginning of the timeline and add the footage of animation n the green background as a video layer.


Tap Layer, and then Media. I will navigate to my green screen video and select a video clip. Scale the layer according to you. I have scaled on the right side. Now it’s time to remove the green colour.

Option Panels-Chroma Key

In the options panel tap Chroma Key. Tap n the switch to enable the tool. Right away you can see it has an effect n my footage. you can adjust the mask according to your footage.

Foreground Cutoff

This determines which parts of your footage should be preserved. It is the part of the foreground above the threshold.

Background Cutoff

This determines which part of your footage should be removed based on the key colour. It is the part of the background below the threshold.

Key Color

Key colour means which colour of your footage is going to be removed. You should always choose Kinemaster Recommended Key Color or main it as it.

Detail Curve

This tool of Chroma Key maintains key colour and background colour to get good masks and adjusts the blending levels between foreground and background cutoffs.

Show masks

Mask differentiates the subject from the green screen. With this, you can detail the removing screen and subject.

Here we are completely done that How to use Chroma Key in Kinemaster.

Chroma Key best practice in Kinemaster

The Kinemaster chroma key tool is very powerful and useful. The following tips will give you the best result

  1. Turn on mask mode.
  2. Drag the foreground cuttoff slide down until the foreground is pure white or with no holes.
  3. Drag the background cutoff slider up until the background is pure black with no holes.

Chroma key for Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics means some graphic design that has different motions. For instance, floating the youtube subscribe button that pops on the video.

Here are some essential motion graphics for your youtube video, Instagram video, event video, and business ads video. These all will make your video more engaging and seeing-worthy.

These graphics motions have a blue-green screen that can be removed using Chroma Key easily.

Important note while using Chroma Key Green Screen.

At this point, I will mention a couple of things that’ll help you get good results when you are shooting footage that will use for Chroma Keying.

First, you often see people using a green screen or blue screen for this technique, but ally solid, the saturated colour will also work. Avoid neutrals like white, black, or grey. Green and Blue work ll because they are far away in colo from skin tones.

Make sure your key colour is not the same as close to a colour found on your subject. Another thing that will help is to make sure the background s evenly lit the no shadow.

Since the marked area or transparent part of the image is based on a colour, you ant that colour to be consistent throughout the image. Darker or lighter tones could make t difficult for you to achieve a clean mask.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

Can Chroma Key remove any background? Ans: No, Chroma Key can remove only solid colours like green and blue.

Can Chroma Key form VFX? Asn: Yes, It can perform, you just need footage for this. We have given some useful footage for the video above.

How many layers you can add for the Chroma Key effect? Asn: Kinemaster allows up to 9 video layers, but it depends upon your device mainly.

Last Thought

In conclusion, I hope you got this tutorial article useful I have mentioned all the important points about how to use Chroma Key on Kinemaster.

You can see, that there is a watermark of ‘Kinemaster’on video. And this is not good for your video. To remove it Kinemaster asks for a subscription and you have to pay lots of money for this.

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And at last, I am very glad you to be here. If you like the informative post do feel free to share it with your friends and comment on this article with your precious words here.

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