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Download Kinemaster Mod Apk Fully Unlocked 2022 [No Watermarks]

Are you looking for the Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022 fully unlocked and their best version for your YouTube Videos Editing? Great, you are in right place. Here, you will get the 5 best Versions of Kinemaster Apk.

There are 37 million Youtube Channels all over the world and it is the 2nd most visited site in the world. This is a fact that 20% to 30% of users leave your video if your video hasn’t hooked them in the first 10 seconds only.

Therefore your video engagement is very important for users. The more good is your video editing the more users or subscribers you will gain fast.

For this purpose, you need a professional video editor. Here are solutions, the most downloaded app for Android mobile video editor is Kinemaster. It has all abilities to create professional video content without being tied to a computer.

Kinemaster-video editor is freemium (free for using but subscriptions for advanced features). But kinemaster mod apk without watermark is completely free and has complete premium features.

This mod apk has many features for instance Chroma Key, Keyframe Animation, multilayer video editing, audio envelop, all premium transitions and effects, awesome assets, presets, text, and stickers, etc.

What is Kinemaster Mod Apk?


Most of the applications on Google PlayStore are made using Android Studio. An android application has extension .apk such as .mp3 for audio music.

Many applications are free to use but they also have some premium features for which they can ask for monthly or yearly subscriptions so that you have to pay money.

For example, Kinemaster-Video Editor on play store is an application made by Kinemaster corporation. This app is free to use but has a subscription of INR 249/ month and INR 1299/year for special features, removing their watermarks from video, and Ads while you use apps.

For using such apps for free, people ask for ‘mod apk’ on the internet. Kinemaster Apk provides all premium features completely free. Since it is a mod apk, it comes with ‘NO Watermarks’, ‘No Ads’, and ‘With Fully Unlocked features’.

Kinemaster Mod Apk fully unlocked has many features that you can use completely free all the time.

It has Chroma Key effects, Keyframe Animation tool, reverse video editing, multilayer video editing, audio tracks, live recording, and fast preview, unlimited stickers, transitions, and amazing effects that make your video great.

System Requirements for Kinemaster Mod Apks

Kinemaster mod apk download for android requires at least a 4.3 version. Today everyone uses Android Version above 5.0 versions. There are large numbers of Android devices so that we cannot mention that compatible device.

Kinemaster provides multilayer video editing, pictures in picture, split-screen, and chroma key so that a device must have at least some chipsets(it is referred for performance and capability of a device) for supporting kinemaster mod apk without watermark.

For 4K Editing

For UHD(1440p) Editing

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 820
  • Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 8890

For FHD(1080p) Editing

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
  • Huawei Kirin 950 HiSilicon 3650
  • Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420
  • Media Tek MT679753
  • Intel Atom z3560(Moorefield)

For HD(720p) Editing

  • Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580(720p only)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 615/616/617

You can check your mobile device performance and compatibility for Kinemaster.

kinemaster mod apk
  • Firsly, Go on Kinemaster Setting Screen
  • Open Device Capability Information
  • At last, you will get all here on capability information option

Download Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022

To download the best 5 kinemaster mod apk for free you just double-click on the Download Button! and It will take very little time to be downloaded.

App NameKinemaster Black Apk
Android RequiredVersion 4.1+
Ratings4.5 on PlayStore
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
SourceKineMaster – Video Editor – Apps on Google Play

Interface Of Kinemaster Mod Apk

It consists of Landing Screen, New Project screen, Media Browser Screen, Editing Interface, Projects Setting, Kinemaster Assets Store, and Save and Share, etc


kinemaster mod apk landing page

😲Landing Screen of Kineaster Mod Apk

This is the first interface of the Kinemaster. There are Create new tab, get project tab, and subscribe now tab. Further, there are three options, FAQ, What’s New, and Setting. Let’s know all one by one in short.

1. Create New

This tab is for starting video editing projects. When you click on you will be jumped in Editing Interface. You can see a call to action sentence on Landing Screen- ‘Tap the Create New button to start editing’.

2. Get Projects

This is very useful for your projects. In this, you will get some customizable videos and projects. You can get text video, intro, minimal, music video, intro, on the beat, vlog, and comedy, etc kinds of video projects easily free.

3. Subscribe Now

This is for using Kinemaster Premium to use all features without watermarks and ads. But we have already mentioned that you do not need to take any subscription in kinemaster mod apk download for android.

4. FAQ?

Here you can get Frequently Asked Questions regarding kinemaster mod apk download for android and its troubleshooting.

5. What’s New

This is for users for information about what new has been added in the current version of the Kinemaster App. Kinemaster apk kinemaster mod apk download for android has lots of new features for instance;

  1. Secure your files with Android Scoped Storage
  2. Adjust video clips thin trimmed sections
  3. Select and remove multiple projects
  4. Snap Media and Layers to preview screen grid
  5. Save videos as .GIF files
  6. Audio subcategories and many more

5. Setting

This term is very familiar for all. Here we adjust function according to convenience. There are 4 things in this Setting option.

1. My information. It has 3 options About Kinemaster, Device capability, and Reset Kinemaster.

2. Editing. It has additional options like Media browser full-screen mode, Audio browser full-screen mode

3. Sorting. You can sort project list by Date modified, date created, and name

4. Advance. Advanced and Experimental settings

6. Asset Store

Kinemaster Assets store is for downloading and installing all effects, transitions, stickers, music, sound effects, clip graphics, videos, images, and text.

Scrolling down the landing screen you will see Follow Kinemaster on Youtube and Facebook and Recommended Apps for BeatSynk, SpeedRamp, and ViddeoStablizer.

You can get all premium in Kinemaster Apk unlocked for free.

🤩New Project Screen

When you click on the ‘New Project’ tab, you will jump on this interface. In this interface, there are Project Name, Aspect Ratio, Photo Display Mode, Photo Duration, Transition Duration, and Import Project in the .kine file.

Project Name

Give your project name here. You can name your project using alphabets, numbers, and characters.

Aspect Ratio

  • It is for the size of video for different platforms. For example;
  • Youtube(16:9)
  • Instagram Story and TV(9:16)
  • Instagram Post(1:1, 4:5)
  • Ads(2.35:1)

Photo Display Mode

How should your video be shown on the editing interface is fixed with this option. For instance; Fit, Fill, and Auto.

Photo Duration

For how long(for example 4.5 seconds) your added photo should be is fixed with this option.

Transition Duration

Here you can set the duration of the transition in seconds. The default duration is 1.5 seconds.

After completing your project, you can import it in the format .kine that will open only in the Kinemaser app.

And when you are next to the new project screen, you are jumped on Media Browser where you can choose video and images from your device and image assets, video assets from online in kinemaster.

After completing your project, you can import it in the format .kine that will open only in the Kinemaser app.

When you are next to the new project screen, you are jumped on Media Browser where you can choose video and images from your device and image assets, video assets from online in kinemaster Mod unlocked for completely free.

🙄Editing Interface

In this section, you will learn how to use Kinemaster’s basic interface for performing edits on your project. Upon opening a project, you will be jumped on the kinemaster editing interface.

It consists of the Action Bar(left), the Timeline(bottom), the Media Panel(right), and the Project Preview(center).

1. Action Bar

It is on the left side of the screen and consists of action buttons such as Back, Undo, Redo, Share, Setting, Expand, and Jump. It will be displayed only when no items on the Timeline have been selected.

Back. Return to the previous screen or menu.
Undo. undo the last formed action.
Redo. Redo the last undone action.
Share. Share a finished video.
Setting. Open the Project Setting.
Expand. Expand the Timeline vertically.
Jump. Jump to the first or last frame of the project.

2. Timeline (Screen Bottom)

The Timeline is the main interface for displaying and organizing all of the media present in your project. It is divided horizontally into two main divisions, the first Timeline, and the Secondary Timeline.

The Primary Timeline contains the foremost fundamental media for a project and also acts because of the base or backdrop for the Secondary Timeline.

The Secondary Timeline consists of different items like layers and audio clips, which are displayed over Primary Timeline content.

3. Media Panel

The Media Panel gives you the tools needed to feature and edit project content. When an item in the Timeline is selected, the Options Panel, with options relevant to that particular item is displayed.

When no item within the timeline is chosen, the Media Wheel, alongside the Asset Store, Play, and Exit (Android)/ Share (iPhone) buttons are displayed.

Media Wheel

The media wheel consists of the Media Browser (top), the Layer Selector (left), the Audio
Browser (right), the Voice-over Recorder (bottom), and therefore the Media Recorder (center).

Media Browser

Using this you can select media such as images and videos from the device and you can import direct a preset background or video from kinemaster.
When you select the item it will be added to Primary Timeline.

4. Layer Selector

The Layer on Media Wheel opens the Layer selector. It consists of five types of layers Media, Effects, Overlay, Text, and Handwriting.

Media Layers

Here, you can choose video and images as video layers. You can see it at the Secondary Timeline. On Android, KineMaster Mod Apk can support the following formats.

Import Video Formats:

  • MP4
  • 3GP
  • MOV

Import Audio Formats:

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • AAC
  • WAV

Import Image Formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • BMP
  • GIF

Export Video Format:

  • MP4 (H.264 Baseline + AAC LC)
Effect layer

Here you get many video effects that glorify your video. These effects apply a visual transformation to all items in Primary Timeline.

There are available two default effects. These are Gaussian Blur and Mosaic. You can install many different effects from Asset Store which are completely free in it.

Overlay Layers

Overlays are static or animated graphics design for placing on videos. Selecting an Overlay Layer on the Timeline by tapping it will bring up the Options Panel which includes options for the current effect.

Text Layers

This is for adding texts as a line or paragraph on your video. When you tap on it you will get a Text Box.

When you type your words and then click on OK, your text layer is added on the timeline and opened a text menu where you can edit your text too.

Handwriting Layers

You can understand its work of action by its name self. You can add handwriting words or curves by drawing with your fingers.

5. Music and Sounds Effects Clip

You can add pieces of music and sounds from the asset store and also from device storage. Selecting a Music or Sound Effect Clip will bring up the Options Panel, which contains tools used to edit audio.

6. Voice-over Clips

This tool is very important for video creators on YouTube. Tapping Start to record audio in time with your project. Tap Stop to stop recording and finalize the recording.

Finally, we have to tell maximum details on the Interface of Kinemaster. Now we will jump on a very important tool Option Panel.

🙂Option Panel

When we select items from the layer selector, items are added to the timeline and these items are individually edited in the option Panel.

Each option has its own individualized Option Settings Panel, which is displayed when an option is selected.

Which option is active that is highlighted with a red bar on the left of the options listing.

Tools are listed following below.


This is for opacity, media layer, effects, text, and handwriting. It decides the overall opacity of the selected item. It can be from 0% to 100%.

Audio Filter

This is for audio and video items. It has various amazing and fun Voice Changer that alternate audio of original audio. For example Chipmunk, Robot, deep, Child, and Modulation, etc.

Chroma Key

This is a very useful tool for all time. It is easy to use and has easy-to-understand functions. It changes background from videos that are made on the green or blue screens. You can know all about this by clicking here Chroma Key in Kinemaster.

Clip Graphics

It is for video edits only. It consists of overlay and motion graphics in a different common theme that can overlay on any item and also mainly added on Kinemaster.

Clicking on getting More you can download and import it from Kinemaster Asset Store easily and free.

Color Adjustment

It is for the video and media layer. It allows the adjustment of Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation of the selected item via individual sliders.

Brightness – It adjusts the overall brightness of the image. This offsets the RGB (stands for Red, Green, and Blue respectively) components by some amount. Values greater than 0 make white, and less than 0
make black the image.

Contrast – It adjusts the overall contrast of the image by moving the bright and dark components
further apart (greater than zero) or closer together ( less than zero).

Saturation – It adjusts the intensity of the colour without affecting luminance. Values greater
than 0 cause colours to become more intense, and values less than 0 approach grayscale.

In Animation

It introduces items in different ways on video at the timeline. The length of each animation contain from 0.5 to 3.5 seconds.

For example, these are fade, pop, slight right, slight left, slide down, spin CW, spin CCW, drop scale up, scale down.

In addition exclusively for the android devices are; converge, letter by letter, wipe down, wipe left, wipe up, enter slide up, wipe right, pop open, pop down, enter slide down, pop outward, pop up, enter slide left, enter slide right and rubber stamp, etc.

Out Animation

It contains animation used to present the end of an item on the timeline in an interesting way. It has the same length as in animation.

Fade, slide right, slide left, slide up, slide down, spin CW, spin CCW, scale down, scale-up, diverge are examples of Out Animation.

The following are exclusive animations for android devices.

Wipe left, wipe right, wipe down, wipe up, snap closed, snap inward, snap up, snap-down, exit slide down, exit slide up, exit slide right, and exit slide left, etc.

Overall Animation

It is for media layers, effects, overlays, text, and handwriting. It applies animation to the full-length clip of the selected item. Examples of these animations are; blink slow, flicker, pulse, jitter, fountain, ring, floating, drifting and squishing, etc.

Moreover, there are some option panel tools like pen-thick, shadow, speed control, split-screen, trim screen, vignette, volume, and volume envelope, etc.

😵Project Setting

The symbol for the project settings is visible in the action bar when no elements are selected on the timeline. Note that these differ from the KineMaster settings accessible from the KineMaster apk unlocked the main screen in that these settings only apply to the current project.

KineMaster reduces the overall volume based on the number of currently active audio clips. This ensures that audio clipping never occurs (which causes audio to sound distorted).

But depending on how many clips have active audio, it can cause the overall volume to fluctuate throughout the project. The number of seconds is specified by the slider. When this option is disabled, the default audio volume settings are followed.

The default setting is on. Video Fade Out If activated, KineMaster will fade out all videos in the project at the end of the project for a number of seconds set by the slider. The default setting is Off.

Edit Project Photo Default Duration The default photo duration, in seconds, of images placed on the timeline. , in seconds, of the images placed on the timeline. It can be set between 1 and 15 seconds.

The tool is in use. The options include the following.

Fit to screen

The picture fits on the screen without cropping it. This can result in black bars if the aspect ratio does not match that of the project.

Screen without black bars, but clipping may occur if the aspect ratio does not match that of the project.

Ken Burns / Crop and Pan (Random)

The image is slowly enlarged or reduced for the duration of the crop. determined by the beginning and the end randomly selected positions.

Ken Burns / Crop and Pan (Face Detection)

The center zoom point is each face or group of faces detected in the photo. If no faces are detected, it works the same as (Random).

Kinemaster Assets Store

This is the income source of Kinemaster. It has some special features. These are; Featured Items, Effects, Transitions, Overlays, Fonts, and Audio.

Each category has free and premium content. But when you download KInemaster Apk you can get all premium content completely free.


In conclusion, KineMaster started out as a simple audiovisual app but has grown into one of the world’s most powerful mobile video editing tools and the only fully cross-platform mobile video editor.

Through our subscription model, we are able to deliver high-quality content, as well as new and more powerful features as mobile technology improves.

We hope this user guide has helped you understand how to use KineMaster effectively.

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