green kinemaster pro apk 2022

Green Kinemaster Pro Apk Full Unlocked Free Download [New Version 2022]

Don’t you have pc for video editing? Want to make a great video for youtube, social media, and your events.
Then you have clicked on the right site. We are introducing Green Kinemaster Pro Apk for your purpose.

Green Kinemaster Apk is completely free with Premium Features and No Watermarks apk modded version
of Kinemaster application that you download from PlayStore.

Green Kinemaster Apk makes video editing great and fun on your Android mobile device, tablets, and Chromebooks.
It is also easy to edit videos with powerful tools, downloadable content, and much more completely FREE.

In addition, Kinemaster is a very popular app all over the world. So it is the most used app by many YouTubers,
Social Media influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and as well as by journalists, educators, marketers, and bloggers.

What is Green Kinemaster Pro apk ?

You must have heard about ‘mod apk’ or ‘cracked’ on the internet or by your friends. These are meant that they are programmed by developers so that you can use the premium features for free.

When you install applications from PlayStore there are written ‘Contains ads’ •’ In-app purchase’.It means that
there will be shown Ads and will have Monthly Subscription Options for using premium tools, removing watermarks, and assets.

But we are providing you with the Green Kinemaster Pro Apk a cracked version so that you can use all premium features with no ads and no watermarks for 100% free.

And it has many features for example Chroma Key, Keyframe Animation, Reverse Videos, Multi-Layer Video Editing, Live Recording, and Fast Preview, transitions, and amazing effects that make your video great.

However we are providing you green kinemaster app is the modded version of Kinemaster, it is a completely safe modded apk.

There is very little risk for installing apk on your devices but the green kinemaster app does not make any kind of risk for your device.

Because it uses very little memory even for high performance. Further, it has a user-friendly interface so that a beginner can also learn video editing easily and fast. Green kinemaster app is made for you if you like to save your time on video editing.

Features of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk!

Green Kinemaster 2021 is one of the best Video editors, Videomaker, and Video Cutter for Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

We have listed the features of Gree Kinemater that will attract you to use it no late.

Free and No Watermarks This apk is completely free with no watermarks. And there will not be any Ads banners or pop-ups.

Free Video Edit and remake You can edit a complete video with the premium tools for free. You can download presets and further you can easily moderate according to you.

Merge & Join Video This apk can merge your video clips into one video. Even you can easily cut long videos into small intervals. Moreover, you can rotate, crop, compress and combine videos without losing quality.

Cut & Trim video You can adjust the length of the video with cutting and trimming. You can cut or trim some desired portion(left, middle, and right) of the video.

Split and Slice video
You can easily split videos into half-length or even in various lengths at a time. This feature can help you for making Youtube shorts.

Speed Control
This feature is like magic. You can fast the video at normal speed, 1x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, 2.5x, 4x, and at last 8x.
And similarly, you can slow down the video on speed.

You can make slides of up to 10+ images. In the slide, you can add various transitions for instance cut, mix, dissolve, crossfade, fade-in, fade-out, and wipe, etc.

Add Music to Video
Green Kinemaster can add a range of music or soundtracks to the video. You can add your collections of music too. Further, you can also do listed below:

  1. Add free featured music by Kinemaster.
  2. Add your music collections
  3. And Adjust the original video volume.

More Features

Extract split audio from video
This feature s very useful for YouTubers. Because you can extract sound (mostly noise) from your video and then can add new audio or can over voice on it.

Add Text to Video
you can add text to the video for disclaimer, intro casts name, ending slider, etc. It is available in various kinds of fonts and text designs. In addition, you can add text stickers, callout stickers, and emojis.

VFX Effects(Chroma Key)
This is the most useful and popular feature of Green Kinemaster that is mainly available in PC editors such as Power Director, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Inshot. You can perform VFX effects by green screen and Chroma Key tool.

Video Color Adjust and Video Filters
These features make your video very storytelling. Using these features you can add many different colours for expressing situations and emotions to your video. For example, in the exciting scene, you can add light effects.

Change Video Aspect Ratio
You can adjust the video ratio for different platforms. These are some aspects ratio that is available in Green Kinemaster for different platforms.

  1. YouTube video ( 16:9)
  2. YouTube Shorts and Story (9:16)
  3. Instagram Story and Reels (16:9)
  4. Insta Square Carousel Post (1:1)
  5. Instagram Landsca Carousel Post (1.91:1)
  6. Insta Portrait Carousel Post (4:5)
  7. TikTok (9:16)

Aditional Features

Compress Video
Compressing video means reducing the size of the video without losing much quality. You can compress video up 60%
maintaining the same quality. Compressing Video help to upload n low size so that user can enjoy your video in very low internet speed.

Rotate Video and Flip Video
You can easily rotate and flip your video while you are editing. You can rotate the video by angle 90°. And you can also flip the video and down.

Animation Video
You can also make animation by Clip Graphics. For this purpose, Green Kinemaster 2022 comes with Animation Keyframe. These features allow the motion of a video layer on another.

Export & Share Video
When you have done all your edits, you can export the video in .MP4 format. You can export the video by Resolution concerning the Frame rate. For instance FHD1080 with 30fps(frame per second).

And further, after exporting a video you can directly share it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp Status.

What’s new in Green Kinemaster 2022.

  • No ads banner
  • No watermarks
  • Free Assets and Sound Tracks
  • All premium transitions and filters for free
  • Updated Keyframe
  • Chromakey enabled
  • High-resolution 4k video editing
  • Green interface
  • User-friendly UI
  • High-quality video export

Download Green Kinemaster Pro apk 2022!

The first step can only make your best to go ahead. So, don’t wait o much and Click On Download.
Start Your Journey From Now.

Apk NameGreen Kinemaster Apk
Version5.082144 GP
CategoryVideo Player and Editor
Google Play LinkKineMaster-Video Editor
Review and Ratings4.4
DeveloperKinemaster Corporation

How to Install Green Kinemaster Pro Apk on Android?

Kinemaster Without Watermark Green apk supports all versions of Android even Android 10 and Android 11. When you successfully downloaded the Green Kinemaster by your browser.

At very first, before installing you need to enable permission called ‘Unknown Source‘. To enable it please follow the given easy four steps ;

How to install apks| Download Green Kinemaster Pro apk 2022

I am sure that you have successfully done it. Now, let’s jump on the steps for installing the process, my friend.
just follow these three steps and your work is done for enjoying video edits with kinemaster without watermark green apk.

  1. open File Manager or File Explorer
  2. go on the APK option and then click on file Green Kinemaster apk
  3. Install the app

Great, you have done all the works. We have provides tutorials regarding Kinemaster that can help you in the beginning time of editing video.

How to download Green Kinemaster for PC?

Most importantly, there is not any version of green kinemaster pro download for pc. Because the KineMaster Corporation who develops Kinemaster-Video Editor has not launched any version for PC yet.

green kinemaster for pc

But do not worry, there is a possible solution to any problem. You can not install a green kinemaster for pc, but indirectly it is possible. The indirect way is Emulator.

In computing, an emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system. An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system

Emulator – Wikipedia

Emulators make this possible. It can run an android application on a PC. There s many emulators for this purpose. But we recommend you to download Bluesatkes, NextStream windows, and Android Studio Emulator.

In this paragraph, I will tell some steps on How To Download and Launch green kinemaster pro download for pc on a PC. After that installing emulator, you need to download the mod apk file of Kinemaster for PC into our computer.

Download it from the below link and then carefully follow the below steps to install it and launch it on your computer.

  • Firstly,open Blues-tacks.
  • Secondly, Click on the Install Apk button in the emulator at the right sidebar.
  • After this file, the manager asks you to select the Apk-file
  • When you get click on file and tap on open.
  • Now it is ready to launch the KineMaster from the emulator.


Green Kinemaster Pro Apk is a very useful application for video editing. Hope you are satisfied with this article. There are alternatives such as Kinemaster Pro Apk and Kinemaster for PC that you should also take a look at.

Thank you for visiting! I am very glad to provide you useful apk that can help you with your ideas in video creator.

In conclusion, If you liked this article or got the apk useful then please share this page with your friends. Please give your precious suggestion and comments to the comment box.