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Kinemaster Apk or Kinemaster Black Apk is a very famous mod apk. It has the most downloads all over the world by YouTubers, Influencers. It is one of the most user-friendly video editors for the handset.

Kinemaster black 2022 comes with all kinds of premium features completely for free. It has features like multi-layers video editing, text and stickers, color filters, frames, transitions, and audio. It has also a popular feature that is Chroma Key (green screen) and Key-Frame Animation(Animation).

Additionally, it has an audio envelope, media- players, direct share to your social accounts, download and installs video presets, export video, and 4K video editing.

Here, we are going to take a view on the immense amount of information about Kinemaster and Kinemaster Black Apk 2022.

Kinemaster Black Latest

Most of the customers are landed from the videos of Social Media. Video Marketing plays a very important role in Brand Awareness. Many video marketers are always looking for Video Editor.

You can understand that video is necessary in this social media world. Most of the ads are made in Video. But who finds a mobile app means that he/she is looking this for self-brand awareness on social media to make their video quality good.

Therefore we are introducing you free and professional mod apk of Kinemaster-Video Editor.

Kinemaster is a video editing application both for Android and iOS apple handsets. You can easily install it from the PlayStore and AppStore. But the Kinemaster from what you will install from the mobile store is Freemium.

Freemium includes Free and Premium. Free means you can install and use the application for free. Premium means some good features that cost to use. And this can cost up to INR 2300.

Even if you don’t take the subscription of the application you cannot make it Ads Free and Watermark Free. But we are providing you with the mod apk of Kinemaster that will give you all for free with NO Ads and No Watermarks.

Kinemaster Black 2022 is a moded version of Kinemaster v5.1 for Android Device. It is safe to use. You will never get any kind of threats and is completely free from malware.

It has features such as Awesome Assets Store for downloading effects, stock music(some are license-free), stickers, 3D texts, and much more. Additionally, It has blending modes, Chroma key, green background remover, multilayer video, animation, live preview, share to social media, and much more features to make your video editing great!

These followings are the more features that are including Kinemaster Mod Apk.

  • Adjustments
  • Audio Filters
  • Animation
  • Effects
  • Frame by Frame Trimming
  • Multilayers
  • Overlays
  • Real-Time Recording
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Themes etc.

What’s New Kinemaster Black 2022!

  • Black Theme
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Immense amt of Tracks and layers
  • Clips resizing, trimming, rotating, and cutting
  • Video transition with preview
  • 3D text and animated effects
  • zooming and snapping
  • Time-mapping,
  • slow/fast, and backward/forward
  • Audio mixing
  • Digital video effects
  • Brightness, gamma, hue, grayscale, etc.

Premium Features

  • No watermarks
  • No Ads, No pop-ups
  • All Premium features
  • Edit 4K videos up to 60fps
  • Unlocked All New Features Unlocked more premium filters, effects, and transitions
  • Export or Transship high-quality videos in 1080p, 720p, 460p, and more qualities.

And you do not need to buy any subscription for all features in Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk that you download from this website through the given links.

Interface Of Kinemaster Black Apk 2022

Generally, the interface is the collection of many features, tabs, and tools of application. Let us take a view of every interface of Kinemaster Pro Apk.

kinemaster mod apk

Landing Screen

It is consists of the Kinemaster App Logo, Create New Tab, Get Projects, FAQ, What’s New, Setting and Subscribe Now tab.

Create New. It is for selecting videos and images of your projects.

Get Project. Here you can get many pre-made videos that can be mixed by your videos and images.

FAQ. It is for placing your feedback and question regarding Kinemaster apps bugs and fixes.

Settings. It is for changing the functions of the apps.

Create New

This consists of various options such as project name, Aspect Ratio, Photo Display Mode, Photo Duration, and Transition Duration.

Aspect ratio. It sets your video size for different platforms.

  • YouTube Video (16:9)
  • YouTube Shorts, Instagram IG TV, Instagram Stories and TikTok (9:16)
  • Instagram Post (1:1)
  • Marketing Ads (2.35:10)

Photo Display Mode. It is for fitting, filing, and auto-sizing the photos that you will add to your videos.

Photo Duration. It is for the purpose of setting the duration of photos on a timeline. The already fixed duration is 2.5 seconds.

Transition Duration. You can set the duration of transitions according to your video length. The prefixed is 1.5 seconds.

Media Browser. It is consists of Image Assets, Video Assets, Favorites, Cloud Storage, and Project Setting options.

  • Image Assets. It will provide you with further backgrounds and images for your projects.
  • Video Assets. It has pre-made all categories videos.
  • Favourite. All that your projects that are marked as Favourite will show here.
  • Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage provide you with extra storage online for saving your projects. It is the best features that all you to import your projects from anywhere.


Download Kinemaster Mod Apk | | settings

It has the shape of Gear to in the main screen(landing screen) on the left side. It has options such as Information, Editing, Sorting, and Advanced.

Information Option

It has other options like My Information, About Kinemaster, Device Capability Information and Reset Kinemaster.

  • My information. It will so your sign-in ID and Subscription plan.
  • About Kinemaster. It will show you about Kinemaster App, its legal info such as privacy and policy, current version and SDK.
  • Device Capability. It is a useful tool. It will show that is your phone capable of using Kinemaster Apk?
  • Reset Kinemaster. It will reset the kinemaster all settings, you will lose all projects from the device.


It has two options Media Browser Full-Screen Mode and Audio Browser Full-Screen Mode. It will action for OFF and ON conditions.
If OFF then the Media browser or Audio browser appears above the timeline and if ON then they fill the screen.


It will sort the projects by list in three modes.

  1. Date Modified
  2. Date Created
  3. Name

Advanced and Experimental Settings

It consists of various advanced settings that will make some different effects on given options.

Show audio amplitude meter while recording

  • OFF: Audio amplitude meter is not shown(default)
  • ON: Audio amplitude meter is shown(experimental)

Enable saving with up to 60fps

  • OFF: Save with frame rate up to 30 fps
  • ON: Save with frame rate up to 60 fps

Enable adding video clips up to 240 fps

  • OFF: Add video clips frame rate up to 60fps
  • ON: Add video clips frame rate up to 240 fps

Unlimited Video Layer Mode

  • OFF: Regular Mode up to 8 video layers
  • ON: Unlimited but it will harm the device capability.

Note: Kinemsater recommends you make the above setting Default is good.

Editing Interface

kinemaster black apk icons

You can think it is a factory of Kinemaster because it is the place where all editing tools and various features that will be applied to your videos are placed.

Media Panel.
It is the place where the media wheel, options panel, share and exports are placed. If you select any item that is added to the timeline then all tools and features regarding that item will appear.

Media Wheel

The media wheel consists of the following options that have also their individual functions in editing.

  • Media Browser ( at top)
  • Layer Selector (at left)
  • Audio Browser (at right)
  • Voice-over Recorder (at the bottom)
  • Media Recorder (at centre)

Media Browser. It is for selecting images and videos from galleries, video assets, image assets and also import from the cloud. What you will select that will be added on Primary Timeline. If you select the item on time then the options panel appears on e]right side with various options.

Layer Selector. It will add the layers of videos, images, texts, stickers, effects, and handwriting on the background or your video that is on Primary Timeline.

Audio Browser. It will add sounds and tracks from your own playlist or from the asset store on video that you will select.

VoiceOver Recorder. You can add your live voice on projects.

Media Recorder. You can directly or live record by tapping on the center of the Wheel.

Layer Selector

It is consists of different layers with different functions and is very useful for video editing. It is the combination of Media Layer, Effect Layer, Text Layers, Overlay Layers, and Handwriting Layers.

Media Layers. It is for adding the layer of videos, audios, and images on projects that add to the secondary timeline and will appear with the options panel. The application allows you to import and export the video, audio, and images in the following formats.

  • Import Video Formats:
    • .MP4
    • .3GP
    • .MOV
  • Import Audio Formats:
    • .MP3
    • .M4A
    • .AAC
    • .WAV
  • Import Image Formats:
    • .JPEG
    • .PNG
    • .Webp
    • .BMP
    • .GIF
  • Export Video Format:
    • .MP4 (H.264 Baseline + AAC LC)

Effect Layer

  • It is static or nation-based colour visuals that make your video filmatic, ghosty, blurry and many changes. You can import and add different effects from the asset store with live preview.

Overlay Layers

  • It is a kind of sticker and graphics in the form of static or motion.

Text Layers

  • It will add a text layer to your video. It is very useful when you are making videos that have texts or lyrical videos.

Handwriting Layers

  • It is for making curves and art on videos.

Music And Sounds Effects Clip

It is for adding music and sounds from the music browser to your projects and can be split on a timeline. Music browser consists of music, SFX, recorded, songs, artist, genre, folders, and album.

Further Information

In this further information about kinemaster Pro Apk’s device capabilities, chipsets, project settings, option panel settings and chroma key function.

Device Capabilities

It will show your phone capability for Kinemaster. The Kinemaster has the best performance for various video quality according to the following chipsets. Kinemaster asks for at least a 4.2 version of the Android Operating System.

  • 4K Editing
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
    • Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 8895
  • UHD(1440p) Editing
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 820
    • Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 8890
  • FHD(1080p) Editing
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
    • Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420
  • HD(720p) Editing
    • Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580(720p only)
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 615/616/617

You Can Check Your Mobile Device Performance And Compatibility For Kinemaster Or Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022 by following steps.

  • Go on Kinemaster Setting Screen
  • Open Device Capability Information
  • After waiting till 100% loading, you will get the result.

For instance, the result for realme phone is as shown ;

Android10(KM, FA)
Peak Codec Performance12.0 MPixel(s)
Edit and Share1080p(FHD)
Amount of Videos Layers4 x 1080p
8 x 720p
8 times 540p

Project Setting

If no item is selected on Timeline that time you can see the project setting on the left side of the action bar (a geared-shaped icon). Note that it is not a Settings option that we have seen on the landing screen above.

It is consists of Audio Setting, Video Setting, and Editing Setting.

Audio Setting. It has four different options such as Audio Master( make the silence default in starting and end of the audio), Fade in (increase the volume from silence in starting) and Fade out( decrease the volume to the silence at the end).

Video Setting. It has two video fades. The video fade-in(covers the video with colors as light offs gradually), and the video fade-out ( expand the color background like light on gradually)

Editing. It is for setting the duration of transitions, clips, images, or videos on projects. Further, it is for setting the images as fit to screen, fill the screen, and auto.

Option Panel

Whenever we select any item from Layer Selector that is added on Primary Timeline or Secondary Timeline and when we select them on timeline an optional panel appears with different kinds of tools and features for editing.

Selecting Music or Audio Item

When you select any audio item from Audio on Media Wheel the following option will appear on the right side of the Options Panel.

  • Mixer. It will mix the audio by amplitude and pitch.
  • EQ. It is an equalizer. It has various equalizers for instance Normal, AM Radio, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Hip-Hop, Jazz,
    Natural, Pop, R&B, Rock, and more.
  • Audio Envelop. It describes how your sound changes over time.
  • Reverb. It will reverb the sound in various forms such as Normal, Bathroom, Cathedral, Cave, Arena, Church, Concert Hall, Echo
    Room, Hall Delay, Spring Reverb and Studio.
  • Voice Changer. It will change your audio voice in different funny voices such as Normal, Two-Faced, Alien, Chipmunk, Chorus,
    Confusion, Growl, Monster and more.

Additionally, there are ducking, looping and trimming, and splitting options.

Selecting video, image, overlays, and text Item

Trim/Split. It is a scissor shape icon on the options panel. You can perform it three-way: Trim to the left of the playhead, trim to the right of the playhead, and split at playhead.

Slip. Slide left and right to shift the start and endpoint of a video.’

Split-screen. You can fit the video to full screen, to up, to right, to bottom, to left, and to center.

In Animation. You can add animate(for instance duration) the video in pop, slide right, slide left, slide up, slide down, clockwise,
counter-clockwise, drop, scale-up, scale down, converge, wipe right, wipe left, wipe up, wipe down, pop outward,
pop downward and many more.

Overall animation. It will add full-length animation to the item. It has animation such as none, blink slow, flicker, pulse, jitter, fountain,
ring, floating, drifting, squishing, rain, counter-clockwise, and clockwise.

Out Animation. It has none, fade, slide right, slide left, slide up, slide down, clockwise, anti-clockwise, scale down, scale-up,
diverge, snap closed, snap inward, snap up, snap-down, exit slide down, exit slide up, exit slide right, and exit slide
left, etc.

Chroma Key

Please visit Chroma Key In Kinemaster for this.

Cropping. You can crop the size of images and videos.

Speed. You can slow and fast the speed of your video. You can do it on 1x, 2x, and up to 8x.

Reverse. It will reverse the video.

Alpha. It controls the opacity of the item. You can change it from 0%(make dark) to 100%(make complete white).

Colour Filter. It will add colors to the item. It has color filters such as none, basic, cold, low saturation, mono, vivid, and warm. And each color filter has its own shades of color filters.

Rotating and Mirroring. You can rotate the item in left, right, up, and down by an angle of 90 degrees.

Adjustment. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, temperature, highlights, shadows, gain, gamma, lift, and hue
of video, images, and texts.

Blending. It also blends two items on each other. It has blending modes such as normal, overlay, multiply, screen, soft light, hard
light, lighten, darken, and color burn.

Extract Music. You can extract music from the video and then there will be not any audio in your video.

Text Option. It is for the alignment of text. You can align text to right, to left, and to the center. You can also make spaces between letters and lines.

And further, when you select a text on the timeline you will get options like fonts, color, bolds, glow, and background color.

Download Kinemaster Black Apk 2022

To download this app for free you just double-click on the Download Button! and It will take very little time to be downloaded. Click On!

App NameKinemaster Black Apk
Android RequiredVersion 4.1+
Ratings4.5 on PlayStore
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
SourceKineMaster – Video Editor – Apps on Google Play

How To Install the Kinemaster Black Apk?

When you complete your download then you need to install it on your device and for this, you make sure to enable a necessary setting called ” Unknown Source”.

Unknown Sources‘ is an Android Accessibility Setting that allows your handset (mobile) for trusting and forcibly installing applications from outside the Google Play store. If you don’t enable it your device will not allow the application to be installed.

Follow the below steps for enabling Unknown Source.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Search for Security or UnKnown Sources.
  • Now, enable it.

If you are done with the above steps, you can install the application easily.

App Permission

Kinemaster Pro Apk v5.1 may request access to the following to your device.

Camera. It asks to take pictures and videos.

Microphone. It is for recording audio.

Storage. It requests to modify or delete the contents of your shared storage and read the contents of your shared storage.

And others to run foreground service, receive data from the Internet, prevent the device from sleeping, view network connections, run at startup, Google Play license check, control vibration, full network access, and use accounts on the device.

Alternates for Kinemaster Black Apk

  • Green Kinemaster
  • Kinemaster Diamond
  • Kinemaster For PC 2022
  • InShot
  • VivaVideo
  • Filmora Go etc.


In conclusion, Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk is the best video editing app for making videos on YouTube, Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, Facebook, and Ads.

You will soon learn all the video editing aspects very soon with Kinemaster. Because it has a very user-friendly interface. It has the feature of a green-screen Chroma Key that mainly gets on PC.

Hope we have given you an immense amount of information. If you liked the post do please share it with your friends and needy.
Thank You for visiting our website.

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