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Kinemaster Premium Apk Download Latest 2022 [No Watermarks]

The average user on YouTube by 2022 can reach up to 210 million in the USA. This data is showing video marketing is one of the best sources of making money from home. So, you should start your journey very soon.

There are 37 million YouTube Channels. You have to know that 30% of users leave your video if your video hasn’t hooked them in the first 10 seconds only. Thus, you need a quality video or video editor.

If you are looking for easy to use and professional video editor that can perform green-screen then you are at the right place. Kinemaster Premium Apk is such a great mobile video editor that can help you with your initial learning of video editing on your handset.

Kinemaster Mod Apk is a completely free version of Kinemaster. It comes with all premium features that you don’t get downloading from the play store.

Kinemaster has a range of features that can make your video engaging and amazing. It can perform almost all kinds of editing that you get on video editor for PC.

Here in this post, I will give you all information about Kinemaster and Kinemaster Mod Apk and also their different variants. So hold tight get ready to dive into.

Kinemaster-Video Player

Kinemaster is a video editing application for both iPhone and Android. Android users can install it from PlayStore while iPhone iOS users can install it from Appstore.

It is developed by NextStream now Kinemaster Corporation and is a South Korea-based company.

It is a freemium application. The freemium means that you can install and use individual app for free. But the application will contain Ads and In-app purchases (subscriptions).

Kineamster has a multi-layer interface and numerous features, such as blending, chroma key, and audio mixing. The ‘ Premium Features’ that can make your video unique and more engaging and seeing-able, you have to pay money.

If you don’t buy a subscription you cannot remove the watermarks from your video of Kinemaster. The subscription costs are INR 287 per month and INR 2,300 per year.

As it contains ads, watermarks and subscriptions so that very few people get all features to use, that is not so good news. But don’t worry we have brought a solution for this introducing Kinemaster Premium Apk 2022.

App Info

NameKinemaster- Video Editor
Updated onAugust 27, 2021
Downloads100,000,000 +
In-app PurchaseINR 56.11 to INR 2,321.66 per item
Developed ByKinemaster Corporation
Ratings4.5+ (Play Store)

Kinemaster Premium Apk Without Watermarks

Kinemaster Premium Apk is a modded version of kinemaster. Generally, a moded application is such a kind of application that is cracked by developers all over the world and these applications are known as Apk.

Apk stands for Android Packaged Application that is the extension for Android Operating System such as .mp3 for music or audio.

Most of the time moded applications are made for the purpose that all premium features can be free. So that you do not need to pay money for them.

Kinemaster Pro Apk is a completely free apk with all premium features and there will not be the interruption of Ads and Watermarks. And will never ask for any subscription.

Kinemaster has many useful tools and features that can surely help you to make an engaging video that will monetize you or your platforms. It has features such as chroma key, frame key animation, blending, transitions, text, stickers, overlays and filters, etc.

Features Of Kinemaster Premium Kinemaster

Here are given all kinemaster mod apk the newest features.


  • Want to create a video that is perfectly in sync with the music. Let BeatSynk work its magic. All you have to do is choose your favourite tracks, pick the coolest possible pictures from your phone and hit save.

Text Stickers

  • Check out the latest addition to the Kinemaster Asset Store- Text Stickers. Text Stickers let you change the stickers say in a few quick steps.
  • After you add a Text Sticker to your project, tap the layer to select it and then tap Settings. Tap the text box to change what you see in the preview.

Android Scoped Storage

  • Kinemaster respects your privacy and works hard to provide a secure app. To stay up to date with the latest mobile security updates, it will implement scoped storage in version 5.1.

Snap Media

  • Aligning layers just got a lot easier with grid snapping! Precisely align multiple layers and keyframe straight-line motion without using grid or guideline graphics. Media, assets, handwriting, and text layers will snap to the centre lines and edges of the Preview when you drag them.
  • Snapping to the grid will happen automatically when you drag a layer close to the edge or along a centre line (vertical or horizontal) inside the Preview. A red line appears along the line the layer snaps to.

Make GIF

  • Making .gifs for memes? Messenger? Chat groups? Reddit? KineMaster now lets you save your projects as .gif files!
  • When your project is ready to save, tap the Save button on the top right of the editing screen. Then, select the Save as GIF option from the Resolution dial on the top left.
  • KineMaster provides three different options for saving a file as a .gif: 480p, 360p, and 240p. Just like regular video files, KineMaster will save your .gif file to your Photos (iOS) or Gallery (Android) app.

Video Presets

  • Download Projects Straight from KineMaster! When you tap the Get Projects button on the main screen, you can download KineMaster projects (not just finished videos) straight from the Asset Store.
  • You can learn from the pros by seeing how Kinesamaster projects are made, then try customizing them to create your incredible versions.
  • Take advantage of the all-new Media Replacement button to swap videos and images from the KineMaster project you downloaded to transform it into something truly personal.

Transfer or Share

  • Using the new Kinemaster project Export feature, you can wrap up your videos, images, stickers, transitions, music and everything else into a .kine file, then transfer it to another device, or share it with a friend.
  • Additionally, you can also send the .kine file to another mobile device, Android or iOS, and import it. The full project, and all the media that you have used, will appear in the My Projects on the Kinemaster Landing Screen.
  • Creating a .kine file is easy. First, tap on the See All button to load all of your projects, and then tap on the three dots at the top right of your project. Now tap Export Project and choose a location to save it.
  • To import a project, even easier. you have to just tap on Create New, and then scroll to the bottom and tap the Import Project button. Locate the .kine file and tap it. Kinemaster will take it from there.

The mirror effects, 3 new effects!

Three powerful mirror effects have been released that will transform your creation into a fascinating work of art!

  • Line division effect that distributes/divides the screen based on Shifted Lines! Freely trim/split the screen by adjusting the line with a total of 4 properties such as the angle and thickness of the line split effect! Apply it over an image or video with a black and white filter for maximum effect.
  • The Circle Dimension effect that divides the screen area in a circular ring shape created instances! You can divide the screen into the desired circle by utilizing a total of 7 properties such as coordinates, shape, and centre size. By adjusting the speed property, the divided area is zoomed in/out.
  • Cloning effect that allows you to create a mystical creation by cloning a specific area! You can change the cloned area in various ways by utilizing a total of 6 properties such as the number of clones, brightness, and intensity provided.

By adjusting the speed property, you can rotate the cloned area.

  • Shifted Lines Effect Location: Asset Store -> Effects->Lens
  • Circle Dimension Effect Location: Asset Store->Effects->Lens
  • Cloning Effect location: Asset Store->Effects->Lens

Take on the Speed Challenge!

  • KineMaster version 4.16 lets you use the Speed Control tool with video layers! KineMaster Speed Control lets you slow videos down to 0.125 of a second or speed things up to 16x.
  • Speed control for video layers in KineMaster 4.16 lets you speed up one video and slow the other one down at the same time. The creative, fun ways that speed control for layers can be used are limitless!

Discover the New Videos and Images Asset Categories!

Get Exclusive access to the Videos and Images categories. Download Kinemaster Pro Apk for two all-new categories in the KineMaster Asset Store.

Videos: Download special effect videos and useful animations, then add them to your videos and use Green Screen (Chroma Key) or Blending Modes for taking your creativity to the next level.

Images: Download images for use as backgrounds, special effect layers with Blending Modes, Keyframe animations, and more.

Clip Graphics Animation

Clip Graphics “Animation” released! Easy and Quick to make Fast Tempo Videos! Total 198 types of in / out / overall animations have been released as 7 Clip Graphics assets.

● Various “Animation” Clip Graphics to create hot and fancy videos! Incredibly useful for making videos with quick transitions. Create the hot TikTok videos easily and quickly!

● Adjust the length of the Animation! After applying an animation to a video or an image, you can adjust the length as much as you want.

Chroma Key

  • his is the most fascinating feature of Kinemaster. This feature is the only reason behind getting about 0 million downloads of the Kinemaster.
  • This feature is mainly used in performing green-screen or removing the background. To know more about this feature in Kinemaster you can visit this article Chroma Key in Kinemaster.

How to download Kinemaster for PC

What is this Kinemaster Green

Download Kinemaster Premium Apk 2022

Tap on download, install the application, and start your creativity! Please read the downloading process.

You can easily download it without any extra page redirection. Download 100% working.

  • Firstly, click on Download Tab below.
  • You will jump to Download Page.
  • Now click on Download and then Download Anyway.
  • Your download will be started.

Now follow the installation process to install the apk successfully into your device.

How To Install Kinemaster Premium Apk?

When you are done with downloading the Kinemaster pro v5.1 you need to install it on your device. To do so, make sure to enable ‘Unknown Source’.

Unknown Sources‘ – Android Accessibility Setting that allows your gadget for trusting and forcibly installing unknown applications from outside the Google Play store.

  • Follow the below steps to install the application
  • Go at Setting on your device
  • Scroll down and click on the Lock Screen and Security option
  • After second step, scroll down and find the ‘Unknown Source‘ option
  • Finally, Click on this option will be on with some instruction, allow it.

When all the steps are followed successfully, go to the file of apk and tap on Install and install it.
Soon it will be installed, launch it!

Let us take a view on Interface Of Kinemaster Premium

Generally, the interface of any application consists of features and tools of the application. Here, we are going to take a view of every interface or feature and tool Kinemaster

Landing Screen

Download Kinemaster Pro Apk || landing screen

It is known as the Main Screen of Kinemaster. In this interface you will get well-fixed options such as Kinemaster App Logo, Create New Tab, Get Projects, FAQ, What’s New, Setting and Subscribe Now tab.

Create New. It is the starting action of video editing. On tapping on it, you are entered into Media Browser where you can select your video projects.

Get Project. It is the feature of Kinemaster that provides you with premade projects for mixing with your images and videos.

FAQ. It stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It is for users to ask about their problems regarding the app and its performance.

Settings. This option is for performance and compatibility changes.

Subscribe. This tab is for using premium features, removing ads and watermarks after taking a subscription.

Create New

When you tap on Create New tab, you are entered into the second interface that is Media Browser. In this, there are several options such as Project Name, Aspect Ratio, Photo Display Mode, Photo Durations and Transition Durations.

Aspect ratio. It sets your video size for different platforms. For instances;

  • YouTube Video (16:9), YouTube Shorts,
  • Instagram IG TV, Instagram Stories and TikTok (9:16),
  • Instagram Post (1:1), Marketing Ads (2.35:10)

Photo Display Mode. Using this you can fit, fill and auto-size the images that you will add to your videos.

Photo Duration. Using this option, you can set your photo duration for the timeline. The default duration is 4.5 seconds. We recommend you go with the default.

Transition Duration. Here, you can set the duration or range of time of the transitions for your convenience. The default is 1.5 seconds.

Media Browser. When you next to the New Project you are entered on Media Browser where you can see Image Assets, Video Assets, Favourites, Cloud Storage and Project Setting Option.

Image assets. Here you can select multiple solid colours and some natural vector art backgrounds.

Favourite. It is for selecting your selected video as a favourite.

Cloud Storage. It provides you with extra storage for saving your videos.

Project Setting. It is a set of tools that make some tools how they should act on video.


Download Kinemaster Pro Apk || editing screen or editing interface

It is a geared-shaped icon in the landing screen on the very left side that consists of options such as Information, Editing, Sorting, and Advanced.

Information Option. It consists of My Information, About Kinemaster, Device Capability Information and Reset Kinemaster.

My information. It is for individual users where they can sign in ID and their subscription plans.

About Kinemaster gives info about version, SDK version and some legal information.

Device Capability gives the info regarding your device that the application will perform good or bad into your gadget.

Editing. This option in settings has two options, first Media Browser full-screen mode and second Audio Browser full-screen mode.

Shorting. It is for sorting your project by Dates, Modified and by name.

Advanced. This option consists of different complex options. These are for technical expect changes only.

Editing Interface

This is the interface that consists of all tools, features and functions for video editing. Here is done all the work of your video creativity. It is the factory of Kinemaster pro apk v5.1.

Media Panel

This is the area of the editing interface at the bottom screen. It consists of two timelines. Primary Timeline and Secondary TimeLine.

The background of your video is added on Primary Timeline while other images, texts, overlays, music, transitions, effects etc all are added on Secondary TimeLine.

Media Wheel

The media wheel is made by the combinations of the Media Browser ( at top), the Layer Selector (at left), the Audio Browser (at right), the Voice-over Recorder (at the bottom), and the Media Recorder (at centre).

Media Browser. It is for selecting background as images or video that is added on Primary Timeline.

Layer Selector. By tapping on Media Panel you can select Layer Selector. It has layers Media, Effects, Overlay, Text, and Handwriting layers which have different functions.

-Media Layers. It is for choosing videos and images as video layers from your device storage that are added on Secondary Timeline. You can select all in the following formats.

  • Import Video Formats: MP4, 3GP, and MOV
  • Import Audio Formats: MP3, M4A, AAC, and WAV
  • Image Formats: JPEG, PNG, Webp, and BMP GIF
  • Export Video Format: MP4 (H.264 Baseline + AAC LC)

Effect Layer. It has numerous kinds of video and image filters. You can use many different filters free from Asset Store.

Overlay Layers. These are static and animated graphic designs for placing on videos.

Text Layers. It is for adding text son your video.

Handwriting Layers. It is for adding handwriting words or curves by drawing with your fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who made Kinemaster?
Ans: KInemater is made by the company Kinemaster Corporation.

What is Apk?
Ans: Apk is the extension of an Android Application such as .mp4 is the extension of a Video.

Is mod apk safe?
Ans: Yes, Mod Apk does not harm your device.

Is Kinemaster for Pc?
Ans: Yes, You can see the article Kinemaster For Pc.


In conclusion, Kinemaster Premium Apk is the best application for video editing. For standing in the video marketing you should really need of such application.

Kinemaster has really good features such as Chroma Key, 4K video Editings, Multi-Layer Video editing, Keyframe Animation, and many more that can make your video more engaging and professional.

There are various alternatives of Kinemaster such as After Effects, Filmora Go, Inshorts, Viva Video, etc. But I will suggest going with Kinemaster Premium first.

Thank you for visiting the Kinemaster Pro Apk the Latest Version v5.1 2022. Please do share with friends. It will motivate us to make such immense information containing posts.

Thank You 😊

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